Photography Tips for your Wedding Day!

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Nervous about taking photos for your wedding? Have no fear! We did an interview just for you with our lead expert in photography, Ruzz.

Tune into the video below and learn exclusive photography tips from an expert.

Easy and Fun How-to-Tips from Bella!

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Easy and Fun How-to-Tips from Bella….

OMG! How Do I Choose the Right Bridal Tiara & Jewelry!!!??

This is a question on the minds of almost all of my brides, from the bride who dreams about wearing a princess tiara, to the bride who wants the Bling Bling Statement Accessory to the bride who refuses to wear anything at all!

It is my philosophy that the Wrong Tiara and Jewelry can ruin your entire wedding look!! That’s why I really enjoy answering this question and wanted to share my tips on how to save your time, money and look by choosing the right accessories.

Okay, so here it is…When it comes to your tiara, headpiece and jewelry, think Shape and Detail.  Choose the shape of your tiara, headpiece and jewelry according to your face, neck and head shape.  Choose the detail of the accessories such as pearls, rhinestones, feathers, crystals, according to the detail of your Bridal Gown. 

To show you what I mean, I’ve made a short and fun video just for you! So, please click on the link below to see my secret tips and learn more about how to look Ah-maz-ing on your wedding.

P.S. I’ll have more fun and exciting short video clips just for you in the upcoming weeks. Enjoy.

Click here for my fun little video:

Love, Bella 

Every Woman’s Top Five

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Hair Issues Solved
You can’t hide in that hat forever; it’s got to come off eventually! Our clients ask Bella for hair advice on a daily basis. Here are Bella’s top five answers to the most popular hair freak-outs right here.

1. How can I make my color look vibrant longer?
Think of a silk dress, would you wash it with a harsh detergent? Of course not, you would destroy it. The same care applies to your hair. Hair is like a delicate silk fabric. To maintain its shine and vibrancy, you must take care of it. Using the proper shampoo and treatments according to your scalp and hair needs will guarantee vibrant color! There are hundreds of amazing color protecting shampoos and treatments on the market. Get the correct recommendations for your specific hair and color needs. One of my favorite’s lines is Kerastase Paris; choose the shampoo according to your scalp whether your scalp is normal, oily, dry or sensitive. But when it comes to your conditioner, choose it according to the ends of your hair. You may have normal ends or lots of damage and split ends. These conditions make your hair color fade faster. Also, use the correct styling product to lock in your color. Another tip, use products that will preserve your hue; I like Color Shampoo. There are many color-depositing shampoos that prolong the vitality of your color between salon visits. Use these weekly to keep your color looking rich and help to restore the shine.

2. Can you fix my split ends without cutting them?
It’s important not too wait too long between cuts- split ends can work their way up. Try the Red-Carpet-Ready Hair treatment at our salon. It uses the Kerastase K-mist treatment to repair split ends up to 80%. Then follow up with at-home keratin-protein masque and leave in-treatment. Again I love Kerastase Paris’s Age Recharge Masque and Chronologiste as deep conditioning treatment and Ciment Thermique as a leave- in repairing plus styling cream. Also, do not flat iron your hair every day. It just causes too much damage.

3. Help! My roots are always oily.
Oily roots can be due to your genetics, using the wrong products or excessive heat styling. If you do not treat it, it can eventually cause hair loss as well. Yikes! You don’t want that. Use the correct shampoo and treatments to battle oily roots. Do not use conditioner on your roots. Also, wash your hair with luke-warm water and never hot water. Then blow-dry in low heat to avoid reproduction of oil on scalp. Some products I love from Kerastase Paris are Capital Force Anti-Oiliness Effect and Capital Force Anti-oiliness treatment. You will never find a better product on the market.

4. How can I get volume without the damage?
Again, this may sound very repetitive, but the proper products will create volume without the damage. Sometimes, among my clients, I see that they have an oily scalp that is why they lack volume. If your problem is really about oily roots, than follow the recommendations for Oily Roots. But, if your problem is really about fine, limp hair and not oily roots then use volumactive shampoos. Do not use conditioner on your roots. But if you have color treated long hair then add a keratin-protein conditioner for your ends only. Once you are out of the shower, use a volumactive mouse and dry your hair using the cold shot on your blow-dryer. Once your hair is almost dry, apply another layer of mouse. This will create a thickening effect on your hair, giving your hair more volume. For your styling tools, do not flat iron your roots EVER! Sometimes, the right haircut also helps to create volume. Before teasing the roots, put your hair in Velcro rollers for at least 10 minutes. Also, avoid playing with your hair or touching your hair when you’ve finished styling it.

5. I straightened my hair; now it’s so dry.
Anyone who does chemical straighten needs to put moisture back in!! This is a must, if you want to save your hair. The reason is because these chemical relaxing or straightening procedures have harsh chemicals in them. You will need to have a proper maintenance program to avoid dry hair. Try the Red-Carpet-Ready Hair which is a customized treatment at our salon. It uses the Kerastase K-mist Machine to repair dry, brittle hair and ends up to 80%. Then follow up with at-home maintenance products. I recommend a mixture of Age Recharge Masque and Oleo-Relax Slim Masque to replenish the oils back in your hair. For an even more deluxe treatment, use my very favorite Chronologist as an alternative treatment. Your hair will be Ah-maz-ing!!!

Balayage Riviera

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Balayage Riviera
Indulge in a Balayage Riviera service for gorgeous, sun-kissed highlights that give you a just-returned-from-vacation glow. Perfect for blonds and brunettes
Why I prefer this trend
Natural looking effect
Balayage creates soft, sun-kissed highlights that look like you spent the summer frolicking on the beach.
Balayage highlights grow out naturally, without developing a noticeable and obvious re-growth.
Balayage allows your colorist to utilize his creativity and artistic talent to personalize the placement of each highlight for a personalized result.
On trend
Balayage is a favorite of celebrities and models like Gisele Bündchen, Eva Longoria and Sarah Jessica Parker!
If you want to find out if this look is right for you, give us a call at 818.291.0781 and reserve your complementary color consultation now!

Seasonal Hair loss… It’s a problem

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I always get a lot of concerns about hair loss. Why does it happen? How can I fix it? Etcetera. So because spring is just around the corner and this might be something you guys will experience I want to take some time to talk about these issues and how to resolve them. First, let me say, for most of the time hair loss is in fact seasonal. Before the loss of hair begins you will feel your scalp become oilier, dryer or irritable. Usually the normal hair cycle will take place during the spring and fall. Each strand of hair has a 7 year lifetime. The spring and fall is when that 7 year cycle finishes causing the old hair to shed while the new hair grows. You can see this hair cycle in the diagram below.

Normal Hair Cycle

Other types of Hair loss: If the hair and the scalp become weakened, the scalp’s critical micro-circulation can be disrupted leading to insufficient nutrition to the hair bulb, which is like a small factory that produces the hair fiber. This life source is surrounded by a supple sheath of collagen and is connected to micro-vessels that deliver nutrients necessary for the growth of course, dense and shiny hair. Hair loss usually depends to the excess production of oil and is normal during spring and fall. It can also be caused by:

• Heritage/genes: Usually from the mother’s side of family. Examine family history to see if there are signs of hair loss. After age 13, girls begin losing hair. Boys begin losing hair at around 14 to 15 years of age.

• Pregnancy/aging/menopause/hormonal imbalance: After pregnancy or during menopause, because of hormonal change, women most often start loosing their hair.

• Severe sickness: When the body becomes severely sick, toxic buildup, cancer, undergoes radiation or takes strong prescription drugs, hair loss may result.

• Lifestyle: Stress, smoking, excess drinking, improper diet and lack of exercise are known causes of hair loss, but not a lot of people know this. If your client expresses concerns over hair loss, but appears healthy, you may wish to approach lifestyle choices gently to open discussions.

• Environmental aggressors: Seasonal changes, (as we mentioned earlier) using the wrong shampoo or conditioner, blow drying and overall improper hair care are causes of environmental aggressors that can cause hair loss.

Many of these types of hair loss can be avoided by simply changing your lifestyle and taking better care of yourself. Try to eat healthy foods, and make sure you are getting all the necessary vitamins that your body needs. (Consult with your doctor for proper diagnosis.) Meditation and deep breathing is also very important. If it is something you have never tried before, I highly recommend it. Not only does it help clear your mind, but it also helps cut back stress.

If these changes are still leaving you with hair loss, don’t worry, now a-days there are also a lot of terrific products out there specifically made to help with hair loss. My favorite brand is Kerastase Paris. The shampoo and scalp activator treatments work the best for hair loss. There are 3 different kinds you can choose from. The first is specifically for Seasonal Hair loss, this would be your Bain Densitive GL shampoo and your Lotion Densitive Activator. The second is for people with an advanced hair loss problem. One is for people with an oily scalp; this would be your Capital Force Anti-oiliness shampoo and Capital Force Activator for Anti-Oiliness. The other would be for people with a normal or dry scalp. This is the Capital Force Densifying Shampoo and Capital Force Densifying Activator. If you are close to us, you can stop by and let us prescribe the right treatment for your scalp and hair.

To wear, or not to wear? That is the question.

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I recently watched the 2011 Golden Globe Awards, as I’m sure many of you did too. I am particularly shocked at the accessories that Natalie Portman was wearing on her dress and how it ruined Viktor & Rolf’s custom made couture design. She usually is put together so beautifully and she always looks so flawless… but this ensemble was, well kind of all over the place and it actually aged her. Which is why I decided to go through and show you how to correctly choose accessories, hairstyles, and make-up; because nobody wants to be the example of when bad accessories happen to good people.

As you can see your eye is drawn to the red rose on the center of the bust of her dress. This is because the rose is the focal point of her outfit. Because the red is such a strong color and the rose is such a prominent feature pairing lots of different things makes it look messy. Take the necklace for example; it completely clashes with the outfit. She should have just worn the stud earrings and left her neck bare, displaying her beautiful collar bones. The clutch she is holding is a completely different shade of red than the rose on her dress, this clutch would have worked much better in a more muted neutral tone. This can also be said for her make-up as well. Once again we have a different shade of red on her lips. That makes three different reds that she is wearing in one outfit. That is simply too much. Her lipstick also should have been neutral with a Smokey eye to add a little extra drama. Some thing similar to the picture you see on the left would have been perfect with this dress. Natalie Portman is absolutely gorgeous all on her own, so all this excess it just distracting from that. As I always say, women’s accessories and hairstyle/ make-up should make her more youthful and sexy, not more aged.

So next time you are going out remember this:
Always get a picture of yourself wearing the dress for you particular occasion. Make sure to take this with you to your jeweler, hairstylist, and make-up artist so they can choose the right accessories for you as well as hair and make-up.

And remember as the great Coco Chanel once said, “I always take off at least one piece of jewelry before I leave the house…to ensure that I am not “overdoing” it.”

Ceremony Magazine Feature!

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Opulence, opulence and then some! Hey bride-to-be’s, have you picked up your copy of the 2011 Ceremony Magazine yet? We are so excited that Helen, one of our brides is featured in the latest issue. If you’re looking for chic, fabulous and amazing wedding ideas then we encourage you to pick up this magazine because it is filled with the best wedding vendors and wedding ideas for 2011. Get an early start on your wedding details and pick up your available on newsstands next week.

We are honored to be featured with some of the L.A’s premier wedding vendors who we believe created magic for Helen’s & Michael’s wedding. We can’t stop raving about Fancy That! Event Design & Coordination, Duke Photography, and Tick Tock Floral Designs just to name a few.

But most importantly, thank you Helen & Michael for choosing us for your wedding. We wish you eternal love and bliss!

Here is a re-cap of Helen’s Hair & Makeup Inspiration:
Helen has been my client for over 18 years and I’ve had the privilege of watching her grow into the beautiful woman you see today. Our hair and makeup inspiration came from her antique gown, headpiece and the Saint Vibiana Cathedral. We wanted to bring back the Shakespearian love story of Romeo & Juliet with her hair and makeup.  So, I designed her hair in a very natural wavy and raw texture, placing her lace and silver headband loosely in her golden tresses. Nella gave her shimmery flawless skin, dark sultry eyes and glossy lips for an extra Juliet inspired romance.

Photo credits: Duke Photography

Style Icon: Coco Chanel

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First I would like to say congratulations to my beautiful Haykush and her husband Hovo! Huykush was the epitome of old Hollywood glamour on her wedding day. For her hair I was inspired by Coco Chanel, so I did dry waves with a side bun. Huykush’s headpiece was a gorgeous fishnet blusher with feathers and Swarovski crystals on one side, which complemented her dress and hair perfectly. For her make-up Nella used liquid eye liner to make the perfect cat eye with a beautiful iridescent charcoal eye shadow. The lipstick was a show-stopping classic red, which complemented the entire look perfectly.

Once again, Congratulations my dear! I wish you and your husband the best!

You can just arrange the photos similar to the other wedding blogs!

Trendy Looks for now!

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Ladies is your daily hair routine a bore??? Let’s face it, sometimes we get stuck in a hair rut. Other times, we mean well but don’t always have enough time to try out all the new and cute hairstyles we see on our favorite Celebrities. Well, I’m here to show you that you don’t need to have a personal stylist to keep up with the latest hair trends. It’s time to break out from our routine hairstyles. Below I have compiled some easy, fresh hairstyles for anyone to enjoy:

The Side Braid:
This look can be done in so many ways, and always ends up looking great. Try it with a deep side part leaving some loose ends out. If your like me and always want a little more volume try teasing your hair at the top of your head and finish it with a light hair spray. (Kerastase’s Double Force is fantastic)

If you’re up for a little bit of a challenge try French braiding it around the back of your head. To french braid start with 3 pieces of hair about the same size just like a normal braid. Then as your braiding grab extra hair and add to the original strands. Make sure to brush your hair really well before you start braiding. You can even run a serum through your hair for a sleeker shinier look. (Kerastase’s new dry oil is ah-mazing.)

The Ponytail:
I have been loving the ponytail style this season. It’s easy and when done right, super chic. Simply flat iron or curl your hair and tie into a pony tail either at the top of your head or at your neck to either side. Now the finishing step for a perfect pony tail is to grab a piece of hair under the ponytail and wrap it around the hair tie, then secure it with a bobby-pin… and Waa-La!

The Faux Bob:
If you have been dying to try the faux bob, and you don’t want to cut your hair, but you love all the cute bobs you have been seeing then this look is perfect for you! Just take a curling iron and curl your hair into loose curls. Then use bobby pins and slowly tuck your tresses under the nape of your neck and secure to shorten the curls for you desired length…and viola! A chic bob.

There you go ladies. Easy breezy fresh new looks we’re sure you and your tresses will love.

Tips to Protect your Hair and Skin

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Tips to protect your hair and skin from the harsh winter weather

Winter is my favorite time of the year. I love everything about the warm clothing, festive decorations, gifts and family. It’s such a joyous time but there are certain inconveniences: over-dried skin, chapped lips and brittle, damaged hair. We all know that in the winter, even the oiliest skin can become dehydrated from the cold weather and heaters. Hydration is a must at this time. It will protect the skin against rough weather during the day-time and add moisture at night-time so that you can continue to enjoy the beautiful winter season.

To escape the harsh winter elements, create a Bella Nella Spa experience at home.

The following instructions will make this winter easier on your hair and skin while nourishing your soul…

Turn your bath tub into a spa experience. In the shower, shampoo your hair and apply a deep moisturizing masque of your choice (Try Kerastases’ Nutri-Thermique Shampoo and Masque). While the masque is on, exfoliate your entire body to removing dry, dead and itchy skin (Try Guinot’s Gommage Grain D’Eclat). Rinse off the hair masque and come out of the shower. Then draw a nice bath. Add Epsom Salt and lavender oils to the tub to moisturize your skin and release any muscle or body pain. Once you are in the tub, try a mini-relaxing exercise. Take deep breaths and unwind. Breathe in peace and exhale your stress away. Enjoy your bath for about a half hour. Finish your experience by applying a hydrating body lotion on damp skin. Try one with almond and coconut oil. Focus on any dry patches such as elbows, knees, hands and feet. Once out of tub, towel- dry your hair to remove the excess water and start blow-drying your hair. Start off on high heat and then move to cold shots. The cold shots will keep your scalp balanced. Do not blow-dry or flat iron your hair unless you use a heat protector such as a serum or heat activated cream. Kerastases’ Ciment Thermique is excellent and I can’t live without it. Do this spa treatment weekly for shinny hair, amazingly moisturized and relaxation.

On a side note, I also want to mention sunscreen. I can’t stress this enough, please continue protecting your skin from the sun. Don’t be fooled by the clouds or overcast, especially if you’re going in the snow. Although, the UVB rays are weaker this time of year, that doesn’t mean you get a free pass on protecting yourself. That’s because the glare from snow, buildings and even sidewalks can make shorter-wave UVB rays (the ones that burn) up to 80 percent more intense. Meanwhile, UVAs—which cause wrinkles and skin cancer—remain constant year-round. When you go outdoors on a rainy, wintry day, you still acquire the same amount of UVA damage that you would on a sunny beach in July. The sun is always there, even if you can’t see it!
I know that it takes a little bit of time and effort to take care of yourself, but its all worth it. Ladies, what you put into your beauty, you get back. You don’t have to visit expensive spas or get extravagant services to maintain your skin and hair; you can do mini spa treatments at home and use the correct homecare products. Not only will your hair and skin look amazing, but your soul will be refreshed too. Remember, consistency in home care, is the key to preventing Winter Worries. With that said, Happy Holidays and hope you enjoy this amazing season!!